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recipes_to_keep's Journal

Jess and Stacey's Little Journal of Recipes
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Recipes-to-Keep is simply a journal where I note down all the recipes I've tried... or just sound good and I want to remember for future ref. Others are welcome to add content, but entries are moderated. If we think it sounds tasty, we'll approve it. :)

Some of these recipes are my mother's, some are mine, some my sister's, and some we just snagged slewhere (Net, Magazines, etc). I make no claims to originality for all of the content of this journal. This is me and my sister's LJ equivalent of keeping jotted notes, handed-down recipes, and clippings from magazines tucked in my cookbooks.

Pictures are allowed, but if they're large or there's more than one of them, please put them behind a cut... I'll do the same.

I'll attempt to update and organize the memories each month.

I'll also try to use LJ tags to help keep things organized.